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Today every type of business enterprise - whether large, medium or small - is faced with tedious task of complying with provisions of various laws such as Income tax law, Sales tax law, Tax deduction Laws, Fringe Benefit Laws, Profession Tax Laws, various employees protection laws, Contract Laws, Wealth Tax , Gift Tax Laws, the list is endless...

Every businessman is in a strange dilemma � whether to devote his precious time to business development as well as his personal life or to ensure timely compliance of various Laws & their procedures, however tedious & thankless such task may be?.

There is no escaping from the fact that government expects proper compliance from every taxpayer in a timely manner. Therefore these Laws are here to stay. However, instead of bearing a grudge against such tedious tax laws, you can ensure timely compliance & have peace of mind � By Outsourcing your non business functions such an accounting, taxation, auditing work. It is more affordable to let a dedicated group of specialists do the work for you rather than having your own in house accounts manager, with all the associated costs of premises, employee�s changes in legislation, etc.

Recognizing such needs of a general businessman, we have geared up to cater to services in the fields of Accountancy, Taxation, Auditing, Business Development, Crisis Management, etc. Just entrust such outsourcing tasks to us & see the difference it can make to your business growth.

Let us take the paperwork strain for you. We are working in a fully modern computerized office setup to make performance management efficient. We are team of expert professionals from various fields of Laws & Specialization offering following value added services.
 Computerised Accounting & Book keeping & Preparation of Final Accounts as per
   statutory norms.
 Payroll processing
 Preparation of management accounts and management information systems

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