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One is often faced with a question- Why insurance is necessary? Some may say � I do not need insurance!!

Well, you probably do not need insurance if :

 You are sure that your family would have sufficient income if    tomorrow, you meet with an unfortunate incident which
   leaves you permanently incapacitated for your life or you are
   gone due to accident, illness.
 You are sure that you would be able to meet ever increasing children�s education
   costs or spiraling marriage expenditure which may increase by 10 times in next 15-20
   years with your present income.
 You are able to see or predict your future and avert accidents that may be waiting to
   happen to you !!
 You have got life time guarantee that accidents or illness would not happen to you.
Thus, the answer lies in the question itself. Insurance is thus a necessity rather than an option. You are require insurance for savings and security. Insurance is designed to protect you and your family against financial uncertainties that may result due to unfortunate demise or illness. You can also view it as a comprehensive financial instrument � as a part of your financial planning offering you savings & investment facilities along with cover against financial loss.

You require savings for

 Tax Savings
 Planning for home / securing your home loan liability
 Children�s Education
 Savings for Old age/Retirement Planning
 Loan Liability Cover
 Regular Income or Pension after Retirement
 Independent life style after retirement

You require security for your family against :

 Accidents resulting leaving you permanently incapacitated for
 Death due to natural disaster or terror strikes
   ...and so on.

By choosing the right policy as per your needs i.e. customised solutions, you will be able to plan for a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. We offer comprehensive Insurance Solutions with various riders and options to cater to your needs.
 Life Insurance
 Medical Insurance
 Disability Insurance
 Term Home Loan Cover
 All Risks Home Owners Policy and Home Contents

PIFA offers mediclaim packages with custom riders and options to cover you and your family�s specific requirement.

You also have the option to decide where your money should go, if you opt for ULIP. You can choose between equity and debt, whereas in traditional plans there is little freedom to decide where your money should... Comibination of investment and insurance.

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