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One is often faced with a question- Why insurance is necessary? Some may say – I do not need insurance!!

Well, you probably do not need insurance if you are sure that your family would have sufficient income to in your absence to –

meet all the hospitalisation and medical bills till you fully recover in case you suffer a paralytic stroke, meet with spine injury, become physically handicapped for your life;
 support itself if you are gone due to accident, illness and continue with the current    standard of living;
 You are able to see or predict your future and avert accidents that may be waiting to    happen to you !!
 meet the expenses to take care of your aged parents;
meet ever increasing children’s school/college/professional courses’ costs or spiraling marriage expenditure presently running in some lacs of rupees and which would increase by more than 10 times in next 15-20 years;
 repay the debt you have taken, say, for your house, business, vehicle, marriage of your daughter or any other outstanding debt;
But is it so???

The answer lies in the question itself. Insurance is a necessity rather than an option. Almost everybody require insurance in some form or the other. You require insurance for savings and security. Insurance is designed to protect you and your family against A uncertainties that may result due to unfortunate demise or illness. You can also view it as a comprehensive financial instrument – as a part of your financial planning offering you savings & investment facilities along with cover against financial loss.

There are two major ways in which Insurance can help you. Insurance plans can help you save and invest fruitfully so that you can achieve your future goals and at the same time act as a financial security of your precious life, your loving family and your valuable assets.


You require security for your family against :

 Accidents resulting leaving you permanently incapacitated for life
 Death due to natural disaster or terror strikes

 Loss of source of income


You can invest and save for

 Tax Savings
 Planning for home / securing your home loan liability
 Children’s Education
 Savings for Old age/Retirement Planning
Loan Liability Cover
Regular Income or Pension after Retirement
Independent life style after retirement


By choosing the right policy as per your needs i.e. customised solutions, you will be able to plan for a secure future for yourself and your loved ones. We offer comprehensive Insurance Solutions with various riders and options to cater to your needs.

 Life Insurance
 Medical Insurance
 Term Home Loan Cover
 All Risks Home Owners Policy and Home Contents









Endowment Plans

Key Features-

 Sum Assured along with the vested bonuses is payable on death in a lump sum.

 Survival benefit - Sum Assured along with the vested bonuses is payable in a lump sum    on survival to the end of the term. An additional Sum Assured is payable on death    thereafter.

Optional benefits for extra protection.

Guaranteed Surrender value on earlier termination of contract after expiry of 3 years or    more.

- Ideal for those who would require funds to meet the financial requirements arising at various stages like higher education and making a career, marriage, etc.

Money Back Plans

 Financial protection against death throughout the term of plan along with the periodic    payments on survival at specified durations during the term.
Chance to participate in the profits of life insurer’s business.
Accrual of Simple Reversionary Bonuses declared at the end of each financial year    which form part of the guaranteed benefits of the plan.
 Final (Additional) Bonus may also be payable provided policy has run for certain    minimum period.
 Suitable for those people who besides wishing to provide for their old age and family,    feel the need for lump sum benefits at periodical intervals.

Whole Life Plans

Key Features

- sum assured plus bonuses payable on the death of the policyholder or after expiry of specified minimum number of years.
- Availability of policy loan
- Option to pay single premium.
- Suitable for people of all ages who wish to protect their families from financial crises that may occur owing to the policyholder’s premature death.

Term Assurance Plans

Key Features

Low premium with high risk cover.
Sum assured payable only in the event of death of the Life Assured before the expiry of    the specified term.
Suitable for those who are initially unable to pay the larger premium or for those who    require huge risk cover without any expectation of returns.
Option is normally available of converting a policy into endowment assurance or limited    payment whole life assurance.

Children Plans

Key Features

The maturity benefit will be payable on the earlier of; either the child attaining    particular number of years of age or the life assured attaining certain number of years.

On the date of maturity, an amount equal to the policy holder`s fund value is payable.

In the unfortunate event of death of the policy holder, the nominee child will be paid    the Sum Assured under the policy.

On death all future premiums will be waived and units equivalent are credited to the    policy fund account at the applicable unit price.

Ideal solution to meet the financial requirements arising at various stages like higher    education and making a career, marriage, etc.

Various investment options are available.


Key Features

life long annuity till death of the policy holder;

regular income during your old age;

payment of purchase price of annuity as death benefit;

option to commute partly;

tax benefits


Key features

provides life insurance protection to groups of people;

ideal for employers, associations, societies etc.

group benefits at low costs;

Quicker settlement of claim for employer

Premium paid by employer is tax deductible expense.

Optional Special Group critical illness riders available.


Key Features

Unique long term health insurance plan that can combine health insurance covers for    the entire family (husband, wife and the children);

Hospitalisation Cash benefits and major surgical benefits;

New members can be added under certain circumstances;

Domicilliary Treatment/ OPD expense Benefits

Tax Benefits u/s.80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961

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